Panic in Swansea as food banks run out of food

Mount Zion Baptist Church where the local food bank in Eats Swansea is held.

Food banks in Swansea had to launch an emergency appeal after running out of supplies, it emerged yesterday.

Many of parents relying on these food banks faced the threat of hunger, no longer having access to food for their kids.

The Mumbles Foodbank in Swansea reported that there was a surge in demand for food due to the school holidays. Meanwhile, the Eastside Foodbank (also in Swansea) reported that this was the worst year ever and they have completely run out of supplies.

The reason for the sudden surge in demand is the fact that during team-time many kids receive free meals at school. However, as the school holidays begin, more parents have to rely on food banks to make up for the food that their kids would otherwise receive at school.

The situation led to panic across Swansea and the local food banks, with the support of churches and the local MP, Carolyn Harris, launching an emergency appeal.

Local MP Carolyn Harris

Across England and Scotland, other food banks are facing a similar situation. The start of school holidays brings with it an increase in referrals and supplies are running low.

Of course, the pay and benefits cuts that the government have implemented since 2010 have exacerbated the demand for resources from food banks.

The situation is expected to continue to worsen as the government has shown no sign of reversing any of its brutal cuts.

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