Let’s bring down The Sun!

Join our Don’t Stock The S*n campaign!

Let's bring down The S*n.
Let’s bring down The S*n.

Yesterday, a motion was brought at the national Football Supporters Federation (FSF) summit calling for fan groups to lobby their clubs and retailers in their areas to stop selling The S*n.

The motion was unanimously passed with fans of Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and 70 other clubs backing the national boycott of the publication.

Earlier this year Everton FC joined Liverpool FC in banning The S*n from their premises.

This breakthrough follows on from recent campaigns by groups like Total Eclipse of The S*n and many others who have been particularly active on social media, including our humble selves.

Today, we’re launching our Don’t Stock The Sun campaign.

We’re calling on every one of our followers to get involved in this campaign. We’re asking you to approach retailers in your area and tell them why you want to see this vile hate rag removed from your community.

You might find it useful to take along a copy of our ‘Don’t Stock The S*n’ campaign leaflet (see below).

Let us know how you get on
Send photos (info@thepileus.com) of the news outlets you’ve successfully freed from the grip of Rupert Murdoch.


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Mark Jameson

Mark Jameson is a contemporary artist and an activist.