The Tory PR Machine’s Latest Trick

Jacob Rees-Mogg seems like a nice guy who is probably a loyal friend to those around him. Loyalty seems an important part of his character however politically his loyalty is not to any of us rather it is only to the establishment.


Yet using the Brexit debate as a tool as well as the fake scandal of the foreign aid budget, the tabloids are trying to create the image that Jacob Rees-Mogg is not part of the estabslihment at all but rather an Anti-Estabslihment rebel

He was born into a Lower-Aristocratic family, attended Eton and later Trinty College, Oxford.
After university he went into finance where he worked in banking and later co-founded his own finance company, Somerset Capital, which according to wikipedia helped him to now be worth over £100 million.

His attendance at Eton helped him greatly in his success as such friendship networks created at elite schools like Eton are how many establishment families have retained their status for generations. These networks are why so many high level politicians like David Cameron and Boris Johnson attended Eton.

However I am not attacking Jacob Rees-Mogg for his background nor saying he cannot be a rebel just because he comes from the Upper-Class. There are Etonians who ended up rebelling against the establishment quo however he is not one of them.

Rather he is the opposite of a rebel and is very loyal to the Upper-Class and his voting record proves this. Since becoming an MP in 2010 he has always voted in favour of tax cuts to corporations which is the policy that most benefits the establishment as virtually all people from the Upper-Class have significant investments in finance and other major sectors of the corporate world.

Crucially, he has also voted in favour of raising VAT which is possibly the most regressive tax of all as it hits working-class people the most. In other words he supports tax cuts for the rich and is in favour of tax rises for the poor.

On the NHS he voted in favour of the so-called Health & Social Care Act (2012) which lead to the acceleration of NHS privatisation and moved the country towards a more American style system.

And if we had a fully American-style system here then the only people who would benefit would be those at the top as in the US-Private system the vast majority have worse healthcare except for that tiny minority at the top.

Yet how have we got into a situation where there is a cult of Jacob Rees-Mogg whom believe he is on their side and helping them in their struggle against the establishment.

Well our tabloids are the ones who should be credited with this achievement. Newspapers like the Daily Mail and the Sun have used the same tactic that Steve Bannon used in the USA to help Trump become President.

What they do is they ignore all the big questions where the vast majority disagree with the Jacab Rees-Mogg and other Conservatives (e.g. NHS privatisation and tax cuts) and instead report on issues again and again where many in the population might agree with these establishment figures. In the USA, this was mainly on guns and abortion and in the UK its on immigration, foreign aid and of course the big one at the moment Brexit.

By talking about Brexit non-stop they can portray Rees-Mogg as the man fighting the Liberal Establishment and on the side of the people.

For example take a working-class voter who reads the Daily Express and who would be angry as hell if he knew Rees-Mogg’s views on the NHS, taxes, the Railways and so on but voted Leave in the EU referendum.

The Daily Express don’t write about Rees-Mogg’s views on NHS privatisation but instead only write constantly about Brexit. Hence they can trick their reader into believing Rees-Mogg is on the side of the people and shares their views as on that one issue they do have the same view.

Furthermore it is true that members of the Liberal wing of the establishment are Pr0-EU (e.g.Richard Branson, Tony Blair, Bob Geldoff).

Then as Rees-Mogg is an opponent of the Liberal Elite on the issue of Brexit, the tabloids can paint Rees-Mogg as a warrior fighting the establishment.

Yet what is never EVER written in the tabloids is that both the Pro-EU and Anti-EU members of the establishment roughly agree on the majority of the big economic policies that affect the country. For example the right-wing policies that Rees-Mogg supports on taxes are opinions that are shared by all those businessmen and banks like Goldmann Sachs which supported Remain.

On NHS privatisation Rees-Mogg not only shares the same views as Richard Branson but his support of the policy actually directly helps Branson to profit out of the health service.

In other words the establishment is made up of two wings, the Liberal Wing and the Conservative Wing and while Rees-Mogg may be an opponent of the Liberal Wing he is still not only a part of the establishment but maybe its most loyal servant.

Shlomo Anker

Shlomo is regular contributor and co-founder at the Pileus. He was previously involved in the Labour-supporting media group, Jewish Voice, and in an ongoing project to revive the Yiddish language. He is a fan of Leyton Orient & Hapoel Tel Aviv and a keen cyclist. It is while cycling that he often does his thinking for what to write in his articles.