Why do the Tories never talk about their own policies?

Hammond on the Andrew Marr show

Whether it’s Tory social media pages or a Tory spokesperson’s TV appearance, the entire Conservative strategy is to avoid talking about their own policies at all costs.

So the question is: if the Tories are so sure that their policies are best for Britain, why are they so shy in discussing them?

When I was watching Phillip Hammond on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, I was wondering how he would deal with the difficult questions that Marr was posing. I saw him approach each question with a quasi-answer but then veer off-topic and go on the attack, making negative comments about Labour.

I realised that Tory politicians use this tactic every time they appear on television, probably thanks to tips that spin-doctors like Lyton Crosby give them before each interview. The vast majority of the material posted on Tory social media pages follows this strategy too. Most of their posts currently focus on attacking Labour and to a lesser extent on other parties.

These attacks are always carried out in a rather tabloid manner using fear techniques that barely have a connection to the truth but are full of exaggeration and misrepresentation.

Tory attack posters all look the same. Same style, same colours and same attempt to smear

Material on their own record and their own policies get an occasional mention, however, considering the purpose of the media is to communicate information, it is rather bizarre that they so rarely promote their own ideas.

But surely if they were confident that their policies are the best for Britain then they would openly talk about them? And if they really thought most voters are conservative-minded then they would do all they can to promote their conservative policies?

So the question is, why are the Tories so shy to talk about their own policies?

Well I think we all know the answer to that. The fact is that the Tory policies are virtually all done to benefit the top 1% and are detrimental to middle-class and working-class people. And as the Tories rely on the votes of the 99%, they have to do all they can to avoid debate on their policies.

Lyton Crosby and his ilk know this and as a result have developed this strategy in which they do all they can to cloak Tory policy and divert the topic of conversation toward that of other parties, painting them in a negative light.

After talking with Tory voters, I can see that this strategy has been effective; many of them are unaware of the dangers posed in voting Conservative and believe wholeheartedly in the smears cast on Labour.

Shlomo Anker

Shlomo is regular contributor and co-founder at the Pileus. He was previously involved in the Labour-supporting media group, Jewish Voice, and in an ongoing project to revive the Yiddish language. He is a fan of Leyton Orient & Hapoel Tel Aviv and a keen cyclist. It is while cycling that he often does his thinking for what to write in his articles.